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Genuine Leather Hard Disk Case - HDD Case

Genuine Leather Hard Disk Case - HDD Case

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Product Description

Genuine Leather Hard Disk Case. Protect your Data like Google protects theirs. The sole purpose of keeping a Hard Drive is because you don't want to give your Data to the Clouds. Make sure you keep the disk safe and protected.

This thick Leather Case with keep your Hard Disk Cushioned from the Daily Usage.

-Protects it from Scratches.
-Protects light falls.
-Protects from Water Splashes and Light Spills. ( not Waterproof or Water Resistant)
-Can accommodate the Wire too.
-Keeps your Data Safe 
-Best for Seagate, WD Elements and similar HDDs

Care Instructions:

  • For Leather Products - Rub with a damp cloth and apply any type of moisturiser like vaseline or buy one of our Leather Care Products.
  • Leather gets better with each use, so its better to use than to keep product unused.
  • Dry clean incase of stubborn stains.
  • If unused keep Leather Products in the provided dustbag and store in a dry place.
  • Leather bags can handle drizzle and lightrain, a few splashes of water but defintely not a pool dip. Dry it under sunlight or fan in 48 hrs. Leather is not waterproof nor water resistant.
  • For Jute Bags - Wash Externally
  • For Cotton Bags - Full Wash
  • For other Materials - Wash Externally
  • Repurposed Genuine Leather
  • Ships in 7-10 Days. Free Above Rs. 799
  • DIPPT Govt. of India Recognized

Manufactured & Sold by Maheejaa , India

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