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Maheejaa ( Stars)

Genuine Leather-Kantha Handcrafted Portfolio Bag (Black)

Genuine Leather-Kantha Handcrafted Portfolio Bag (Black)

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Your laptop is not just another machine… it’s your place of work, your outlet of entertainment, your channel for socializing, your knowledge center, games console, calendar, notebook and many more. You do care for your precious companion and that’s why you use an anti-virus, a screen guard, a keyboard cover and decorate with colorful outer skin.  But surprisingly you generally carry this wonderful thing in a simple unattractive bag that the company provides you for free or in a nominal price. Why don’t you try a Maheejaa leather laptop bag which is safe, strong, durable and simultaneously elegant, stylish and gives both you and your laptop a distinguished look. It’s not just a cheap printed synthetic skin but a real one, decorated with handcrafted Kantha embroidery in colorful thread to mark your class and presence. Like your laptop carries your story Maheejaa products also carry the stories of people from earth and soil written on leather in thread and needle. When you purchase a bag you share their stories too.

❤️ Handcrafted with Love in India. Leather is ethically sourced and is a by-product of recycling the hides from the meat and dairy industry.

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