“Time fades everything”….. but not leather. Your miseries and happiness will fade away with years passing by but your leather goods will not. It will survive through decades and even centuries. The oldest leather product found in the world history is a pair of shoes from a cave in Armenia which dates back 3500 BC. Yes you read it right, it is a 5500 years old footwear and still in good condition. An original leather product has this unique feature that it lives over generations with little or almost no maintenance. So if you are concerned about durability and longevity choose only original leather products be it a bag or shoe or jacket or just a leather belt. Many a things in our life carry memories but can’t retain it because of its vulnerability over time, but leather can. Original leather products are not just a fad like a bubble, it’s a signature, a signature which is difficult to erase even by the time itself. The leather market in today’s world is not completely leathery or better to say not the most part of it. Artificial leather, which is basically a machine made synthetic material with leathery finish, is taking up the regime day by day. They are factory made, glossy, do not undergo any time taken tedious processing and cost less than the original leather. But their durability and strength is limited and they start to falloff within years losing their initial shine and glaze. On the other hand original leather products start to shine and gleam the more time and uses it pass. Original leather is costlier as it passes many steps to get processed properly and not made just by pressing some buttons and switches, but it pays off over time. Any type of artificial leather, when you buy it, is at its peak and starts aging thereafter showing the signs of deterioration but original leather starts at their nascence and matures over time slowly. So if you want a pocket friendly quick showing staff, then synthetic leather might be a better choice for you, but if you are the kind who loves to see their investment paying off an incremental dividend over time them choose only original leather products.