Leather artisan Aslam has been working in this sector for ages, ever since he was a teenager. He is skilled in making wallets and bags, but he proudly claims that what he has learned through Maheejaa has taken him to a different level of craftsmanship. Never did he get a scope of working hand in hand with a designer, where his views and expertise were also given due respect. Besides knowing Maheejaa’s way of bag making, he has also learned certain technical aspects too, which will help him get work from others and help him to charge a better rate. He is definitely better off. Has been getting payments on a continuous basis, as soon as the work is completed. Aslam now has a better cash flow at hand.
Saheba Bibi, a president award winner, has worked for years and no longer does big and tedious kantha works as her health doesn’t permit. But she enjoys making patches for Maheejaa as it can be done in less time and she gets an instant payment for it. The best part is that she feels thrilled to see how her work is manifested beautifully in leather bags.