GST Remover

You can now buy without GST, but it’s not recommended. Here are 2 easy steps to waive off GST from your checkout page.

Read Terms and Conditions before buying without GST.

Step 1. At Checkout (After Cart Page), Fill in your Billing Details properly, except Pincode. Put Pincode asNOGST‘ , all in capital letters, without space or commas.

Step 2. Mandatory: Enter your actual Pincode in ‘Order Notes‘ box. Or if you want to ship to a different address, enter all details including pincode properly.

Check bill box. Place order to proceed to secure payment gateway. (Some payment gateways get deactivated on applying NOGST) Your payment is 100% secured and safe with us.

Troubleshoot : After Step 1, the GST should be automatically removed. If still showing, tick the ‘Ship to a different address’ checkbox and untick it, if you don’t need it. This will refresh the bill box without refreshing the page.

Mandatory- Billing details pincode should be NOGST Actual pincode in ‘Order Notes’
Optional – If Shipping to different address then Shipping Details pincode should be [actual pincode]

NOGST – Buying without GST

Terms and Conditions :

1.Leather Goods attract 18% GST and Fabric Bags attract 12% GST.
2.Buying without GST means you get no bill.
3.Payment for NOGST orders can only be done via PTM Gateway to the owners account.
4.The Payment is considered a DONATION.
5. Shipment is considered a GIFT.
6. No insurance on delivery. No refund if shipment is lost by delivery partners. (Never happened yet)
7. No returns or exchange. Return only on valid damage reason. Return borne by customer. Payment refund in payers account.
8. All facilities and services remain same. Orders stay in account history. Tracking system in mail. No change in delivery timeline.
9. NOGST terms and conditions are given priority over normal terms and conditions.
10. By buying without GST you understand and agree to all above terms and conditions and then you wish to proceed. Your donation proceeds towards making Maheejaa Bags better.



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