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Live Donations : RupsaBasu ₹500(CASH) MeenaKaushal ₹1500(GPAY) AshmitaChaudhary ₹1000(PAYUMONEY) Anonymous ₹500(GPAY) Anonymous ₹100(GPAY) Anonymous ₹100(PAYTM) Shiney Mitra ₹10000(CHEQUE) TOTAL Donations : ₹13700
5.48% Goal Achieved


We haven’t left any of our artisans or designers unpaid in these tough times. We are determined to carry on with new strategies and have fastened our seat belt to move faster than ever before ! All we need is a little help from you. Stand by our side in these tough times to share our vision. ♥

Our Major Monthly expenses sums up to  : ₹1,00,000 (excluding many other operational costs.)

  1. Artisans Salary x2 : ₹20,000
  2. Rent : ₹10,000
  3. Designers x2 : ₹25,000

Lockdown Period : 78 Days

Total Contribution Required : ₹2,50,000

Why Donate ?

An effort to revive age-old kantha craft with sustainability in form of Bags. If in doubt go through our product pages. Donate if you like our designs and goals. Donate if you believe in us. Donate if you think we should soar higher ♥

We haven’t left any of our artisans unpaid in these tough times. We work with 2 highly skilled leather artisans whose monthly income runs their household. We also have numerous kantha women artisans who are paid on piece rate. We have left no pending payments. This amount of Kantha artisans is not included in our Fundraiser Goal Amount.

A brand new collection of bags, like never before was in progress ! And then came COVID and paused all our operations ! We need to restart with better and new strategies as soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We are determined and we have fastened our seat belts to make up for this grave loss. We are soon due to launch our new collection – Maheejaa : Like Never Before for Summer 2020, which is aimed to launch by end of July as per current situation.

Our company age as per government records is 2 years 10 month, while off-papers we are 3.5 years old yet we have taken all possible measures to support those who work with us. Will you support us ?

Leather is a truly sustainable material. Hides and skins are mostly a by-product that is dependent on the meat and dairy industry. Transformation into leather is the best use for those hides. The leather industry is creating a product that is both natural and long lasting – leather is unique in its ability to combine beauty, comfort and practicality. Leather goods last for decades, thus reducing your footprint on the environment.

We are trying our best to revive the age-old craft of Kantha. We have mentioned it over and over again, our aim to contemporize Kantha craft with modern designs. Kantha is a traditional craft and pride of not only Bengal but also the whole of India. Our aim is to popularize Kantha not only nationally but also globally by taking Kantha to new dimensions. Our New Upcoming Collection “Maheejaa : Like Never Before” is one step closer to this goal.

SBI supports us with Start Up India Fund for MSMEs. Under current pandemic situation RBI has come with restructuring of funds in favour of startups. We are already a part of it ! State Bank of India is supporting us since 2018 and have given us privileges to bear this crisis with open arms.

*Terms & Conditions

On ‘Proceed to Payment’ you understand the nature of the donation and agree to the T&C laid out below by Maheejaa Bags Private Limited (Maheejaa).

You will be billed on the the points given in each donation page.

When you donate a total sum of ₹ 500 ; 2% will be deducted by payment gateway ; 18% will deducted for GST. We get ₹ 415.

No. of Certificates can be edited. In this case Qty : 3 would mean ₹1500 worth of Donation. (For more than 1 Certificate holders, more online coupons & badges will revealed at the End of Campaign.)

Badges are not physical products. They are online recognition for our donors.

Deliveries are subject to COVID19 restrictions.

Rewards will be given only on successful transactions. Maheejaa Bags Private Limited has the right to change the Terms & Conditions, rewards list and delivery dates.

You can opt for other Certificate amounts too in a single cart. In such case all rewards will still be applicable and will be rewarded together.

For picture shout-outs we require your picture. We will contact you via e-mail. Share at your discretion.

Understand that your donations reach the artisans only through us in forms of payment for buying kantha patches that we use on our bags. Your donation will be used to recover the expenditure that is happening in the current lockdown situation. Usage of the funds depend upon Maheejaa and not entitled to public view.

Estimated ‘End of Campaign’ is 31st July 2020. Date may vary and at the discretion of Maheejaa. Be rest assured for Physical Gifts delivery will be done in 7 days of Donation, while the shout-out lists will only be released at the end of the campaign.

We can’t reward you enough for this timely help, but we can assure you to be on the history pages of Maheejaa forever. Thank you ! ♥



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