Traditional art is fast disappearing, but it doesn’t have to be that way…the fashion industry is making more money than ever and by combining traditional Bengal craft Kantha with modern products and designs we made an attempt to give the best of all worlds to our customers.
But it was not easy to start, with both of us not having any business background. However we were open to learn and unlearn at each step. Getting artisans (specially the leather artisans) who would do our kind of work was difficult. But we managed to get around 10 artisans work under us – 5 leather artisans and 5 kantha artisans. Further the Kantha artisans mostly failed to keep their commitments as regard to time. This held up our production many a times. So we started with even smaller kantha patches and less intricate works. Then next step was to build a trustworthy relationship with them. We started giving them regular work though in a small scale and made outright payments on a per piece basis, thus maintaining steady cashflow to them. We also started procuring leather ourselves directly from the market and hence could bring down our production cost and thus stick to one of our major agenda of making leather bags affordable to the masses.