We haven’t left any of our artisans or designers unpaid in these tough times. We are determined to carry on with new strategies and have fastened our seat belt to move faster than ever before ! All we need is a little help from you. As you have stuck by our side even though we are a startup out of so many startups in India, we pray, you stand by our side in these tough times to share our vision. We promise to never let you down and will soon be available in your area with a bigger and version of us ♥

Our Major Monthly expenses sums up to  : ₹1,00,000 (excluding many other operational costs.)

  1. Artisans Salary x2 : ₹20,000
  2. Rent : ₹10,000
  3. Designers x2 : ₹25,000

Lockdown Period : 78 Days

Total Contribution Required : ₹2,50,000



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