Business with compassion… is a new idea floating around to make the companies act more sensibly to the environment, people and society they count for. They improve their filtration process to emit cleaner air, water, waste, byproducts and do activities to improve the life of the people they engage with. All of these activities cost money in addition to their normal cost. To keep their profit margins increasing in spite of these activities the business houses add these costs to their prices thus shifting the burden to the consumers. Being a sensible consumer you bear it to feel the pride of being a part of the business group who does business with compassion. But there are some companies who do it differently. They do their business on the foundation of making the world better around them… be it environmental, social, economical or cultural. They do not damage the environment or the people they deal with and repair it afterwards but they build and develop on a positive note from the very beginning. And because of this they don’t have to incur any extra cost to compensate any damage and shift it tactically to the consumer with some catchy tagline. So you don’t need to pay anything extra as the cost of restoration and healing. Maheejaa starts with processed leather and hand embroidered fabrics created by common rural people and then these two are fused together using simple tools and kits to create some outstanding products. Not any part of its business line damage or deprive anything and then patch it up but it starts to develop everything it uses by adding value at each and every step of its business line. Business with compassion is not a makeover for Maheejaa, it is the very basic source of their business.